Renewable energy

Renewable energy is high on the agenda, particularly wind generation, with targets of 30% reduction in UK carbon emissions by 2020 and 60% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. Also, the European Photovoltaic Industry has agreed to meet 12% of European electricity demand by 2020.

There is no doubt that these technologies will generate electricity but, can the targets be met or are they unrealistic?

I have read much in the media claiming the technology either works or doesn’t work; these claims never seem to be backed up by actual data, so now I am analysing half hourly UK generation data available on the internet and manual meter readings from sites with PV installations that I have visited to identify whether the claimed targets are feasible.

When I have completed the analysis and drawn my “personal” conclusions, they will be published on this website.

I’m trying to make a balanced appraisal based on available data, site observations and meter readings; I accept people may disagree with some of my conclusions but feel that by promoting debate it may help to solve the potential future energy crisis, I would be pleased to receive emails (I cannot guarantee to reply) relating to personal experiences about operational performance and efficiency of these technologies or concerns about the expansion of this equipment.


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