Woodmead Energy Services have undertaken projects throughout the UK, covering many aspects of energy, including disputes with energy suppliers.

These have included a dispute at a new nursing home in Somerset where the electricity company, unexpectedly reduced the agreed supply availability after nine months, forcing them to switch off much of their treatment and catering equipment. Monitoring identified that they were well within the original ASC but the supplier had installed an undersized cable.

A vegetable grower, with cold storage facilities in Lincolnshire received excessive electricity bills showing maximum demands far in excess of the site supply rating. A faulty settlement meter was replaced.

Monitoring has helped many customers to understand their load profiles and manage their electricity demands and usage costs more efficiently. Electricity supply reinforcement charges may be avoided by load management, power factor correction and voltage optimisation. 

Examples of projects undertaken throughout the United Kingdom by Woodmead Energy Services may be viewed by clicking the links below the project page.

The University of Nottingham Project case history contains a piece on solving the problem of sensor wiring to retrofit installations!


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