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UK Electricity Demand

Can uk Generation meet demand in the future?

More Wind Turbine Data in New Year!

Year 2 Wind Turbine Planning Application now available. Annual wind speed data from various UK locations due soon and contribution of metered wind turbines to UK generation during Triad periods to follow in March 2013.

Donation to Multiple Sclerosis Society

I was contacted by IFF Research on the 18th October 2012 who asked if I would take part in a telephone questionairre about M2M technologies. They offered to make a donation to my preferred charity and agreed to make the payment to me. I decided to match the IFF payment and make a donation to the … Continue reading

UK Generation by Fuel Type December 2011 to July 2012

Wind Generation by Fuel Type Update August 2012 This update relates to webpage which analysed UK generation by fuel type between September and December 2010, it identified that wind turbine power, on average, satisfied 1.77% of the National Grid demand during the 3 month period, which was about 25% of the metered capacity (2430MW) … Continue reading

Penwith Housing Association

The Photovoltaic array installed at the PHA Retrofit for the Future project in Sennen, Cornwall, despite recent inclement weather, is likely to achieve the estimated target yield for the year! To date it has achieved a yield of 640kWhe.