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Woodmead Energy Services was founded in 1994 by Gerry Hargreaves, an energy monitoring and data analysis engineer. The majority of my career was spent working within East Midlands Electricity Board where I was responsible for site maintenance at the headquarters. In addition to electrical maintenance, I liaised with all trades and specialist engineers and developed an understanding of other services within the building which included telephony and data network installations. Also, I was involved with the rolling development of the computer centre main frame equipment and worked closely with the Energy Efficiency Engineer. Later, I became the Energy Monitoring Engineer for technical support in the Marketing Division, this role required data collection to back up the energy sales engineers offering competitive electro technology solutions to industrial and commercial customers. After privatisation I left the electricity supply industry and commenced operating as a freelance engineer and have performed energy monitoring, data and billing analysis projects throughout the UK, assisting companies to identify problems relating to their installations and improve their energy efficiency. My varied duties within EMEB gave me the experience to adopt a hands-on approach to projects. This has included negotiating solutions to disputes between energy users and supply/distribution companies and my background in the electricity supply industry aids continued dialogue between parties where disagreements have arisen.

Temporary monitoring equipment is extensively used to identify site and equipment load profiles and usage costs, providing information leading to specification of energy efficient technology or power factor correction equipment designed to optimise the authorised supply capacity (ASC) to a site. Analysis of site billing information and data provided by the local distribution company may often overcome the need for extensive site visits.

Site surveys for the installation of aM&T have been undertaken and with recent advances in remote monitoring technologies, installation of GSM Smart sub-meters were undertaken at distribution centres of a leading logistics company. A meter operator and installer of smart metering had been commissioned to fit sub-metering at several warehouses throughout the UK. They asked Woodmead Energy Services to use their knowledge of electrical distribution systems to identify where to fit replacement sub-meters at each location and to install the meters.

A major UK energy supplier, committed to renewable energy solutions who previously used Woodmead Energy Services to monitor ground source heat pumps (GSHP) in the midlands requested a design for remote data collection from geothermal sites throughout the UK, the brief was to significantly reduce the need for site visits and the extensive travel involved. This resulted in t-mac Technologies, Chesterfield being identified and their equipment used on sites in Gloucestershire and Cornwall. t-mac Technologies acknowledge Woodmead Energy Services as a partner on their website. http://www.t-mac.co.uk/index.php/contact_us/partners/The data collected allows us to identify key aspects of performance and efficiency and undertake remote diagnostics. The information is  extensively used by a specialist ground source heat pump consultant to optimise the efficiency of the equipment.

In addition to illustrating the services I am able to provide I have become increasingly aware that people of my generation who spent long careers in the utility industries and left to follow other opportunities are leaving or ceasing to operate within the energy field. Therefore, my intention is to use this website to provide some information relating to case histories whilst preserving the confidentiality of clients. This may take some time and I will, wherever possible, obtain permission to provide more details relating to the companies involved. It is my wish that the projects I highlight may help people within the industry to complete projects and provide solutions to their customer base.


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